Finsbury Digital: #Grexit, Facebook reaches $250bn market cap and Twitter takeover hoax

Tech-sector comms report

Investis, the digital IR and corporate comms agency, recently reviewed the digital presence of 144 global technology companies, and produced this report. The findings show that tech companies can struggle to communicate who they are, their business model and their strategies.

Key insights from the report include

  • Many companies, again particularly in the US, appear indifferent to how they are perceived and to how what they do affects the world at large.
  • Too little is being done to attract new investors, to keep existing investors informed and to communicate financial information to other interested stakeholders.
  • Companies outside of the US are falling behind when it comes to communicating with the growing mobile audience. 

Investis also held a webinar this week on meeting the needs of US investors and how IROs can respond to the emerging digital trends. Amongst many things, the webinar covered key trends that are driving the need for digital and how to better tell your corporate story. You can listen here.

Twitter shares spike after fake Twitter report

On Tuesday, shares in the micro-blogging platform spiked as much as 8pc after a fake Bloomberg report stated the company had received an offer to buy, at a valuation of $31bn. The report was initially featured on, a fake website impersonating (It did not appear on the Bloomberg terminal). Although a number of people were obviously fooled by the fake report, some grammatical errors and the unusual tone of the phrasing was noticed and commented on via Twitter. The identity of the culprit remains a mystery. 

EU politicians used Twitter to break news of Greek debt deal

As EU politicians started live tweeting negotiations earlier this week, Belgium Prime Minister tweeted ‘Agreement.’ The Twittersphere shook and debated through hundreds of comments. Half a dozen trending topics emerged around Greece recently, including #Grexit, #aGreekment and protest hashtags such as #ThisIsACoup and #dehorsMerkel in France.

Facebook sets speed record for $250bn market cap

Only three years following its IPO, Facebook has surpassed Google as the fastest company to reach a $250 billion market cap. Facebook’s recent increasing investments in mobile advertising as well as its acquisition of What’s App contributed to the company’s swift success. While Facebook’s stock had lost more than half of its value in only a few months following its IPO, Wall Street has regained investors’ confidence. Amongst other tech companies, Facebook will certainly continue to arouse investors’ appetite and is expected to grow as it’s quickly finding new ways to monetize its platform.

Moore’s Law may slip six months to every 2.5 years

For half a century, Moore’s Law has super-powered the advance of technology. First proposed in 1965 by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, the Law predicts that computing power will double every two years. However, Intel’s current chief executive has indicated that the advance in technology has finally begun to slow. Although there is still strong competition and innovation in tech manufacturing, this news comes at a time when smartphone growth seems to be slowing, and the PC market is shrinking dramatically.

The Evolving Role of News on Twitter and Facebook

A new study by Pew Research Center shows how Facebook and Twitter are increasingly news distributors. More than 60 percent of Facebook users and Twitter users say they use the services to learn about news — which Pew defines as “information about events & issues beyond just your friends and family.” You can find more details and the full report here.