Finsbury Launches Industry-Leading Suite of Enhanced Employee Benefits

Finsbury Launches Industry-Leading Suite of Enhanced Employee Benefits, Including Up to Six Months Paid Parental Leave and Unlimited Vacation

“MeTime” prioritizes work-life balance and greater schedule flexibility for employees

 Improved benefits also include work-from-home policy, sabbatical leave and enhanced short-term disability access


New York, NY – February 11, 2019 – Finsbury, a global leader in strategic communications, today announced the launch of MeTime – a comprehensive workplace flexibility program for US-based employees that sets a new standard for work-life balance in the communications industry. MeTime is available to employees at Finsbury offices across the United States and includes up to six months of paid parental leave for eligible staff as well as unlimited vacation, among other benefits.

“Finsbury manages communications for some of the largest and most complex opportunities and challenges in global business, so we ask a lot of our employees in terms of being responsive at all hours, seven days a week,” said North America CEO Paul Holmes. “Just as our employees consistently deliver for our clients, MeTime shows we take work-life balance and wellbeing seriously and that we trust our people to take the time they need to relax, recharge and live their lives. We’re proud that Finsbury is setting a new standard for our industry.”

MeTime forges a partnership between employees and their managers built on empowerment, trust, and personal accountability. The program provides a clear articulation of expectations and priorities when it comes to balancing client service with personal needs. MeTime includes the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Parental Leave: Caregivers who have been employed with the firm for at least six months are eligible for up to 24 weeks of paid leave, depending on their length of service. New parents also have the flexibility to work from home one day per week for up to one year.
  • Unlimited Vacation: All salaried staff have an unlimited number of vacation days, and are encouraged to take the time they need and that the business can support.
  • Work-From-Home Policy: All salaried, full-time, office-based staff with at least six months of service are eligible to participate in a scaled work-from-home policy based on their level within the firm.
  • Work Anywhere Weeks: During the July 4 week and over the Christmas-New Year break, staff not on vacation can work from anywhere they choose, as long as they have connectivity.
  • Sabbatical Leave: Any salaried employee with six or more years of continuous service is eligible to request a fully paid sabbatical leave of up to four weeks. Employees with 12 years of service can take up to a six-week sabbatical.
  • Enhanced Short-Term Disability: Finsbury’s short-term disability plan will pay six weeks at full pay for everyone with at least six months of employment at the firm. After seven years at the firm, the weeks at full pay increase according to each year of service.


“We are most successful when we trust and empower our people and we want to foster an environment that allows employees to better balance work and personal commitments,” said Karla Wagner, Finsbury’s Head of Talent and Human Resources, North America. “Given the pace and magnitude of the work at a strategic communications firm of our caliber, Finsbury is unique in providing such a comprehensive set of time-off policies.”

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