Get the inside track

Chiara Albertini

Senior Associate

“I’ve had many different responsibilities and learnt about different sectors, developed new skills and interacted with people from different backgrounds and nationalities.”

What is the most interesting project you have worked on since joining Finsbury?

I supported a fashion brand on its first major CSR event. In addition to advising them on the conference’s content and logistics, we helped them launch a Twitter account which became one of the main voices for the event. Working together towards achieving the success of the project reminded me of one of my favorite aspects of this job – working closely with people every day.

How did you come across Finsbury?

I first heard of Finsbury at university, as I spent a summer in Moscow interning for one Finsbury’s competitors. When I was headhunted for a role at Finsbury two years ago, working for a global leader in the sector sounded very appealing – and it has worked out well.

What do you now do at Finsbury and what sort of clients do you deal with?

My role at Finsbury depends largely on my clients. My work is very varied, which I really like, and covers a real mix of sectors – luxury, infrastructure, property and mining. I also work with a private equity firm and an educational charity. I get to speak and read in Italian a lot and a little in French and Russian as well, a great aspect of my varied clients.

What company activities happen each year within Finsbury and why you enjoy them?

Finsbury’s two main social annual activities in London are a Christmas party and an away day at the end of the summer. Both events are great to gain a feeling of belonging as well as getting to know colleagues better. All I’ll say is that Finsbury parties with style.

What qualities and skills have you learnt since joining Finsbury?

I learnt that patience and respect are key when working closely with people.

In what way have you surprised yourself since working at Finsbury?

Probably how easy it is being in a good mood when you like your job.

Did you have any preconceptions about Finsbury before you joined? How was the firm the same or different than you imagined?

I didn’t know what to expect from Finsbury but I was a bit nervous for sure. When I did cross the threshold on my first day, I realized that it was not an intimidating office at all – the open plan layout makes it a really chatty and welcoming place.

What is the best part of the job?

One of the aspects I like the most about Finsbury is its flexibility. I’ve had many different responsibilities and learnt about different sectors, developed new skills and interacted with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. It is a very active and stimulating job – my days go quickly and I always feel like I learn something new every day.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Finsbury?

The atmosphere is warm and friendly whilst also being dynamic and challenging. We get up from our desks and talk to each other, we bounce ideas off each other and we work together to complete a task.

How have you seen the general PR landscape change? Are there any trends you are seeing in the sector that excite you?

PR is an expression of how people interact with one another. The way people communicate is changing and digital is taking an increasingly prominent role. However the way people communicate will always change as the world develops and there is always more space for creativity and new forms of expression.