Get the inside track

Reena Chauhan


“At Finsbury, you’re surrounded by intellectually curious individuals that you can learn a lot from, which as you can imagine results in regular interesting discussions.”

What is the most interesting project you have worked on since joining Finsbury?

I recently worked on a pitch for a financial services client which was particularly interesting. I really enjoyed seeing from start to finish how the narrative was developed along with the different ways in which the story could be told and presented.

How did you come across Finsbury? What made them stand out from the crowd?

I was introduced to the firm through the Taylor Bennett Foundation, a charity that aims to increase diversity in PR, something that Finsbury actively supports. It was through this programme that I saw how passionate Finsbury are about communications, along with the vast amount that I could learn from being part of such a firm made up of intellectually stimulating individuals from different professional backgrounds.

What do you now do at Finsbury and what sort of clients do you deal with?

I’m currently an Executive on the Financial Services team, but by no means am I restricted to financial services clients. One of the great things about Finsbury is that despite sitting on the Financial Services team, I work with a range of clients across different sectors from private equity to insurance and even consumer.

What company activities happen each year within Finsbury and why you enjoy/benefit from them?

Finsbury hosts several events throughout the year, bringing the whole firm together, including the annual away day, Christmas party and Chinese New Year celebrations. They’re always a lot of fun and are a great way to get to know colleagues that you don’t work with regularly. We also have team socials and lunches following busy periods at work, which really make you feel rewarded and appreciated.

What qualities and skills have you learnt since joining Finsbury?

Since joining Finsbury, I have developed my knowledge of the PR and communications industry, familiarising myself with key publications and journalists, whilst also increasing my understanding of the financial sector. With the type of work that we do at Finsbury, I have developed research and analytical skills and have also adopted a concise and simplified style of writing.

In what way have you surprised yourself since working at Finsbury?

I’ve surprised myself with how I’ve coped working in a fast-paced high-pressure environment and the fact that I really enjoy it! The unpredictable nature definitely keeps you on your toes.

Did you have any preconceptions about Finsbury before you joined? How was the firm the same or different than you imagined?

I became familiar with the culture to some extent before joining as I was on the Taylor Bennett Foundation programme. The people I met from Finsbury were really friendly and everyone was willing to help or teach you about a certain area. This culture has definitely continued since joining.

What is the best part of the job?

The variety is without a doubt the best part of the job. There are lots of different things to get involved in, including the variety of clients and accounts available to work on. No two days are the same.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Finsbury?

At Finsbury, you’re surrounded by intellectually curious individuals that you can learn a lot from, which as you can imagine results in regular interesting discussions. Everyone is also friendly and helpful, and this makes for an engaging and comfortable working environment.

How have you seen the general PR landscape change? Are there any trends you are seeing in the sector that excite you?

Whilst I am relatively new to the industry, I have noticed a shift towards digital and the growing importance of social media platforms in communications. Traditional media still appears to be the most influential and important channel, but the expanding digital landscape has made the industry much more fast-paced and immediate.