Corporate & Leadership Positioning

Warren Buffett once famously said “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Modern corporate history is littered with examples of Buffett’s observation, from oil spills to cyber breaches to the pain felt across the financial services sector following the global financial crisis.

In a connected world dominated by the 24-hour news cycle and the influence of digital and social media, no company or individual can afford not to make its reputation the highest priority.

At Finsbury, we work with clients to establish, redefine and enhance their reputations with key stakeholders. And we support our clients not just with what to do once something has gone wrong, but more importantly with the communications strategies that can help ensure they never get to that point. From dealing with the financial markets and governments, through to the impact on consumers, communities and employees, we devise integrated programs tailored to the unique circumstances of each specific company.

CEO & Strategy Communications

One of the most important requirements for any CEO is to be an effective communicator. This is a result both of the perceived role of communication within leadership, and also the tendency of the media, capital markets and politicians to portray the CEO as the personification of the company.

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This is, of course, a two-edged sword. One wrong move, message or comment by a CEO can quickly damage or even destroy a company’s reputation, whereas a positive CEO reputation can have a halo effect across a company with a broad range of interested parties and stakeholders.

We help CEOs, boards and management teams align their communications strategy to their corporate strategy. This is based on a clear analysis and understanding of their position and profile, as well as what we want collectively to achieve.

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Corporate & Financial Calendar Communications

A well-managed and regular dialogue with investors and analysts is a prerequisite for any company that wishes to borrow money from the equity or debt capital markets.

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We help companies design, implement and execute programs to ensure that they communicate in the most effective way with their key audiences whilst complying with all appropriate regulations and listing requirements if they are a public company. Seamless reporting of financial results is a given for any public company, and increasingly so for many private ones too. We support clients on all aspects from the planning and preparation (often months in advance) through to release and implementation on announcement day.

Our work is not limited to quarterly or half-yearly reporting. We advise companies on how to continue the dialogue with investors throughout the year. This includes how best to plan and implement activities such as investor days, site visits or seminars in order to reach key analyst and investor audiences. We also help to ensure that our clients are using all communications channels such as press releases, blogs, opinion pieces and digital platforms to help the financial markets understand the company and what is going on within its various operations.

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