Corporate & Public Affairs

In today’s world, it is no longer possible to separate corporate affairs and media relations: almost every major reputational issue has a political as well as a media dimension, and the worlds are mutually reinforcing. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with integrated communications advice at a strategic level, and then drill down to provide targeted advice.

We advise clients on how political, social and economic developments might affect their business model, and how clients should strategically position themselves in this context. This includes advice and counsel in advocating client positions, and recommendations for optimal Government Relations and Corporate Affairs organizational structures. Societal trends not only require companies continually to reassess their market position and, where necessary, adjust their business model, they also offer new opportunities.

Only an integrated approach that consistently maps and targets all relevant stakeholders creates a solid foundation for sustainable corporate success.

Ongoing monitoring of the political and regulatory environment and the credible promotion of legitimate client interests secure the “license to operate” and create new business and growth opportunities.

Corporate & Public Affairs Strategy and Advocacy

We analyze the effect of a company’s political, societal and corporate environment on its business model and develop possible approaches that reduce potential risks while creating new opportunities.

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We advise companies regarding their strategic positioning in the political and societal landscape.

We support companies in credibly promoting legitimate interests by engaging with policymakers, regulators and the public.

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Competition & Trade Cases

Merger analysis, state aid, trade disputes and cartels – the result of competition procedures by the EU Commission and Federal Trade Commission – are of enormous importance to affected companies and sectors.

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We help companies devise effective political and communications strategies, which are critical in ensuring the regulatory process takes place in the best possible context. This can focus on industrial policy, the consumer interest, the effects on employees and regions and the European Union as a whole. Of particular importance is the political dimension of merger control procedures in major cross-border transactions. In the United States, we develop and execute communications and third party strategies around transactions facing antitrust and regulatory reviews, including those requiring national security clearance by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

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