Ana Villarreal

“Providing clients the best communications strategies for #allthingsdigital”

What kinds of clients do you work with?

As the digital communications point person in the US, I’m fortunate that I get to work on a variety of projects for everyone from companies in the automotive and health care industries to non-profits to even high-profile individuals.

How is working in New York different from any other part of the world?

New York equates to change on steroids. Things move at light speed in this city. They are constantly shifting, moving and evolving. So when it comes to the work (and NYC life in general), you have to be incredibly agile and willing to adapt at a moment’s notice.

What's the most challenging part of your job?

While social media has been around for over a decade now, companies and organizations have really just started to put an emphasis on it in the last few years. Many companies are lost or unsure how to use or take it on. Out-of-the-box social doesn’t work; it needs to be integrated. Like any communications function it should be thoughtful and tailored to the situation. Sometimes people forget that. I’d say battling both mentalities is my biggest challenge.

What's been the most rewarding experience of your time at Finsbury?

My most rewarding experience at Finsbury thus far is working with a great team and on incredibly interesting client cases. No day is ever the same, and I love that.


Oxford comma: Yes or no?

Nope – save a character!

What is the biggest communications mistake that organizations make?

Posting before thinking. A lot of companies, organizations and individuals react before thinking about what they’re really saying. I recommend spending the extra 30-60 seconds reading over what you’ve written and asking yourself, “Am I okay with this representing me forever?” If the answer is no, the backspace button is only an index finger away.

All-time favorite tabloid headline?


What’s your secret passion?

I love art.  I almost went to art school.  I’m that person at the museum who will tell you what time period a statue is from judged by its hairstyle and facial expression.  What I find so interesting is that each piece of art tells a story, has a history.  It’s not only something beautiful to look at but can tell us some of the world’s most interesting stories.